Donghaixiang Group

We have advanced inspection equipment and perfect quality inspection standards and effective quality management systems to protect the qualities of the products.

Company Profile

As a professional

China outdoor polyester fabric manufacturer

, the group has advanced inspection and testing equipment, perfect quality inspection standards, and an effective quality management system to escort product quality. The company’s products are complete in varieties and specifications, and has reached the industry standards formulated by the state, and some products even reached the international ISO, American AATCC and some British BS standards.

Donghaixiang Company was hired by the National Light Industry Association as the drafting unit of the national “Camping Tent Quality Standard”. The quality of products occupy an absolutely dominant position in the tourism handicraft industry.

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Market Share

The company's customers are all over the country, and its products are also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

  • Southeast Asia65%
  • Europe80%
  • Middle East40%
  • North America45%

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