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  • Peach skin fabric DHXGL002
  • Peach skin fabric DHXGL002
  • Peach skin fabric DHXGL002
  • Peach skin fabric DHXGL002
Polyester Microfiber Storage Fabric

Peach skin fabric DHXGL002

Peach skin velvet is a kind of ultra-fine fiber thin fabric in polyester. It has the function of moisture absorption, breathability, waterproof and silk-like appearance and style, and the fabric is soft, lustrous and smooth. Peach skin velvet products, not only as clothing (jackets, dresses, etc.) fabric, but also as a bag box storage, furniture decoration of the ideal material. Polyester is a durable, wrinkle-resistant, and easy-care material, making it ideal for making home furnishings. The disadvantage of virgin polyester is that it is made from petroleum and coal. This means that using virgin polyester depletes the earth's natural resources. Our solution to this is to replace all virgin polyester polyester in our products with recycled polyester polyester. RPET peach skin fabric is an environmentally friendly fabric, RPET fabric (Coke bottle environmental protection cloth) is a new type of green recycled fabric, its source of low carbon, so it invented a new concept in the field of recycling, the current use of recycled "Coke bottle" recycled fibers made of textiles, its recycled material 100% can be recycled into PET fiber, effectively reducing the use of recycled polyester. In 2019, we achieved milestones and contributed to the protection of environmental resources.
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Soft, skin-friendly, durable and easy care.


Peach skin velvet, not only can be used as a fabric for clothing (jackets, dresses, etc.), but also as an ideal material for luggage and furniture storage and decoration.


 100% Polyester recycled

Product Dimensions:


Product weight:



 Twill woven

Yarn number:

 75D/36F x 150D/144F

Colour fastness to light:

 ISO105-B02 4-5